Real Stories is the first all-inclusive reading and writing textbook in the United States specifically designed and class tested for success with Black, Hispanic, and multicultural students. As Toni explains… By the time these students arrived in my classroom, they were seasoned veterans of frustration, boredom, negative criticism, and failure in English courses. They could not relate to the traditional textbooks, which were primarily written for a middle-class audience. It was clear that these students needed a text designed for them. Upon its release in 2003 by Optima Press, it was much heralded for its approachable style, and it continues to be an effective instructional aid for high schools and colleges. It has been used by writing instructors at the University of Taiwan, Bronx Community College, Norwalk Community College, and the City University of New York. The text contains three sections.

  1. The Process of Writing covers the basic building blocks of writing and how to assemble them.
  2. Time Savers for Grammar and Punctuation includes every major aspect of a developmental text.
  3. The Reader is a reader created by students for other students. Thought provoking questions help develop analytical skills. These questions elicit honest personal responses and open the way for group discussion.

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