Out of Print Books

The following Out of Print Books might be found in used bookstores or online used booksellers such as Abe Books or possibly on Amazon.com:

Stones is a limited edition of 150 copies containing original wood engravings by Richard Hricko that illustrate a poem about the Mayan civilization.

Woman in Search of Herself was designed and printed by Diana Press, Inc. and published by Know, Inc. in 1973 as part of the Contemporary Women Poets Series by Know, Inc. Cover drawing by Barbara Ellen Enzer.

I Dream Now of the Sun was handset in Kennerley Old Style types and handprinted on a Vandercook cylinder press in 1977 by the Konglomerati Press in special edition of 200 copies. Drawings were by Kit Hirshberg.

To An Imaginary Lover
, a Hey Lady Supplement, No. 25 of 400 copies, Morgan Press, 1975, made possible by a grant from C. C. L.M.

Life, Generations, Dancing is a limited edition privately printed in 1980 and is a tribute to Sylvia Ortner.

As if anything could grow back perfect, limited edition of 500 copies published by Mayapple Press in 1979 in conjunction with Earth’s Daughter’s Magazine through a grant from C.C. L.M. and funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York Council for the Arts. This book can be purchased at http://mayapplepress.com/as-if-anything-could-grow-back-perfect-toni-ortner/ 

Requiem was published in 1991 by the Black Tie Press in Houston; the theme is unrequited love. Original drawings by Pierre Cornu.

The Write Action 10th Anniversary Anthology by Small Pond Press in 2010 is available through https://writeaction.org/store/index.html

Toni Ortner’s literary works have been anthologized in:

  • Moving to Antarctica (Dustbooks, 1975)
  • Hyperion, Black Sun, New Moon (Carolina Wren Press, 198l)
  • True to Life Adventure Stories Vol. II. (Crossing Press, 198l)
  • Above Underground Poets (Merging Media, 1990)
  • American Poetry Confronts the 1990’s (Black Tie Press)
  • Write Action 10th Anniversary Anthology (Small Pond Press)
  • 2012 Goose River Press Anthology by Goose River Press

For information on Toni Ortner’s readings or availability to teach writing courses, contact her here.