Lights out or the weather of the apocalypse

When water rolls in sudden over land, the pink marble steps that led to the museum will be thrust apart & scattered over sand as if by a giant’s hand.  Cans will burst and tin will turn to rust. Beans and corn will rust. Sodden wood wills never burn. No fruits no grain no flour no nuts no meat no trees no seeds. All gone. No birds to sing. No spring.

Put it this way. You saw and did not see. You heard but did not listen. He never wanted you to kill in His name, drink wine as if it were His blood or eat bread as if it were his flesh. He was never into sacrifice or ritual. His name was Love. He did not come to rule or judge. He told you not to gather all the crops but leave the remnants for strangers. He was not into gold. He never heard of Goldman Sacks. He said it would be harder for a rich man to enter heaven as a camel to go through the eye of a needle. DID YOU LISTEN?

Did you feed the homeless in the soup kitchens?  Remember the photo on the cover of Time Magazine of the black boy in Biafra with the swollen belly, the one dying of starvation while you chilled a bottle of Chardonnay to go with fish for dinner? Did you listen to His message or were you chatting on Face Book or counting the hits on your blog? Who did you think were your Followers? Would any grab your hand when you floated out the window?

The hundreds of Fema camps placed strategically near the cities to trap the poor like rats/ the waiting guillotines will be buried in silt and mud. The winds will fling crystal fragments that spear the flesh. There will be a steady hum. Tongues of reeds will sway gently in and out of shattered windows. Doors will become floors that lead nowhere. All of glass will not last. Whatever is whole will be broken. Whatever is smooth will crack.

Whales will bump against the walls of high rise buildings and schools of golden fish swish in and out of windows amazed at beds. The spires of cities will rise from the water like broken sticks.

We swim in dark; we cannot see until the veil is lifted.