Repetition goes nowhere.
The right furniture makes no difference.
When you own too much you stumble.

Distance does not breed fondness
likely means something else.

William Stafford said, It is always good to have a little song to hum to yourself.

Water Wars

Year 2026

Withered leaves
scorching sun
brittle stems.
The water wars have begun.

At the start of the dry season we assumed it would end. We heard thunder, but rain did not come. We became so desperate we did rain dances and chanted, but nothing worked. We knelt in the dirt and prayed to gods to let the water run again. Then we blamed the government, but it made no difference. What had we done? How had we sinned so that water would not run?

Our bellies became bloated and our throats parched. We had wrinkled skin then convulsions No flowers in the vase became a joke when there were no more nuts or vegetables, or grains or fruit Dead goats, cattle, and sheep lay piled in heaps. The earth split into fissures. Streams trickled over rocks then stopped. Water tanks gurgled then spit sand. We did not understand.