Fractured Woman by Toni Ortner utilizes the prose poem to confront the urgent social, political and environmental events of our times. In “Report on Easter Sunday from the Third Planet from the Sun” the writer responds to the devastation caused by climate change, acts of terrorism, war, starvation, and the plight of fleeing refugees. Instead of being overwhelmed and fractured by the magnitude of these tragic events, the reader is asked to sit in stillness and hear the Voice that has no words for the flames of faith shine steady on the darkening shores of the world.

Sample Poems by Toni Ortner

Praise for Toni Ortner’s Previous Work

“In Traveling, A Perspective in spare tight language, Toni Ortner’s poems travel from an almost idyllic journey over the Alps- wine and bread, the beauty and joy of laughing monks in red hurling snowballs, to a jolting terrifying change. This trip is about a divorce and it leaves the reader suddenly in a new country. As the language is pared down even more, it is as if the woman is remodeling herself, becoming new, and letting go of what she cannot keep. Women will identify with such ragged, unexpected, shattering changes.”- Lyn LIfshin

” In Traveling, A Perspective Toni Ortner moves us through geography of loss. They navigate by a tragic and cold star.”- Tim Mayo

“Listen to the voices of women poets, painters and friends in the winds of blood and ash. Thank you Toni for stirring the dying embers of the sacred fire to bless the tribe.” – Terry Hauptman

ISBN: 978-1718659254, 40 pages, $16.00

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