Call from Scientologist Friend

Hi Terry, It’s me. Marcia. I had to tell you that Scientology has saved my life.
I haven’t heard from you since you left Brattleboro. What’s going on?
Well, for one thing I have no more financial stress.
How come?
I live on community property out in Oregon, and in exchange for training I get room and board. I put all my savings into the commune account. And the icing on this cake is I am being cleared.
Cleared of what?
Cleared of all the rubbish in the mind that prevents a person from being self actualized and peaceful, cleared of all the chemicals and poisons the body has absorbed. The trouble with you is that you lost your base.
Life isn’t a baseball game.
Stop clowning around. Your base is your center People laugh at scientology because they don’t understand it. Look at me. I am fifty five years old and could not get a teaching job anywhere. I lost my lover. My father died of lung cancer. Does this bother me? No. Because I have been audited.
By the IRA?
Stop joking around. For once be serious. Auditing is a special process that can’t be described in a few minutes of the phone. Besides, they only give us six minutes on this phone and someone is standing in line behind me. Look, your past drag you down. When you stop reacting to things from your past, you are free. Your senses open like a flower in the sun. I have been audited for six months and I am a different woman. I have more energy. I have given up relationships with people from the outside that drag me down.
You dumped all your friends?
Take it from me. Auditing is the thing and I tried everything. I went through Freudian analysis, Gestalt, Rolfing and Rebirth. My therapist, this bag fat bozo, rolled me on the floor of his office and sat on me and pounded me till I begged for him to stop. Then I went into New York for two weeks of EST. They stuffed us into this huge auditorium, four hundred of us packed in like sardines. This guy got up on the stage and told us we were nothing. We were shits. We were zeros. He got us so we learned to stand up and shout back. We weren’t allowed out of that auditorium to eat or piss or shit. I tried everything in sight because I was looking for something and I’ve found it Scientology is your answer. Let me give you an example. When Jim walked out on me, I cried day and night. I was so nauseous I could not eat a single bite.
Of course. You wanted to marry him.
Not the point, honey. Not the point at all. During auditing I recalled things you would not believe. You remember every detail of your life, things you’re other said when you were in the womb.
No kidding.
If you swear never to tell anyone I will tell you what I learned and this is just the beginning. It’s changing my life. In another four months when I finish Step I. Auditing, I can become a trainer and audit other people. I take courses all day on Saturdays. The last one was How to Listen.
All I do is listen.
I found out that when Jim walked out on me the reason I was torn apart was there is a deep unconscious connection between him and my father.
I told you that years ago. Jim was brilliant even though he was schizo, and your father was a genius, a world famous writer.
I know. But you see when my mother was pregnant with me, my father used to tell her he was walking out because he couldn’t handle the responsibility, so, you see, Jim held me tight like a dog on a leash threatening to leave just like my father did.
So what is happening in these audits?
You keep on talking hour after hour about every childhood memory and feeling until the feelings get erased.
Why would you want them erased?
It’s like hypnosis. I heard the exact words of my father. I swear to God. I heard his voice. The fetus hears, thinks, records and remembers every detail of the parents conscious and unconscious lives. Look, I am sending you a little book called The World of Scientology. They check out mail so I hope you get it. They don’t want us to get contaminated from the outside world. Enroll in a mini weekend course. Get a sense of perspective about not finding jobs. I put you on the mailing list. After auditing I am going through Purification.
You mean a Dionysian rite with severed head of goats and blood?

Terry, for God’s sake. Be serious. They found out through intensive lab testing that I am still affected in every pore in my body by the work IO did as a radiologist in Chicano and by those cortisone shots I got for poison ivy.
But that was thirty years ago.
Listen, do me a big favor. Don’t let anyone we know mutually know what I am up to. People think that Scientology is a cult. They have closed minds. I speak to you freely because I know you are open to new things and this works. I have to get off the phone. When you go into the sauna, you stay put for twelve hours. It removes every single impurity from your body. You see the world fresh through new eyes.
Wait a minute. What did you do with your father’s unfinished manuscript? You were his literary executor.