Toni Ortner who lives in Putney, Vermont has 20 books published by fine small presses. A column called Old Lady Blog on has reviews of her work, published books and current writing. Recent published books are: Traveling, a Perspective by Kelsay Books and A White Page Demands Its Letters by the Mayapple Press. These sequential books demonstrate how women who are faced with devastating loss such as an unexpected divorce use courage and fortitude to survive.

Toni Ortner hosts the Write Action Radio Hour the fourth Sunday of each month where she interviews writers and they read their work. She is Vice President of Write Action a nonprofit group in Brattleboro Vermont that helps writers in New England through a variety of events and readings and works in close cooperation with other nonprofit groups in the area.

Toni’s poems, prose poems and fiction have appeared in over l00 literary magazines and seven anthologies. The most recent is the Goose River Anthology 2016. Her books are donated to Poet’s House in New York. She gives readings in Vermont and New Hampshire in bookstores and libraries and read recently at the Putney Public Library and Toadstool Books in New Hampshire. She wrote book reviews for the poet Lyn LIfshin, Tom Ragle (Lee Bramble), and Terry Hauptman, a poet and well known painter in Vermont.

Toni just finished writing Lights Out or the Apocalypse, a book of prose poems about the remnant who awaits the return of Jesus and an innovative novel called Nasty about current political, social and economic events. The funniest section called The White Truck Episode is about a contractor who lives in NH with his wife and son. He spots unmarked white trucks headed north and becomes obsessed with finding out what is inside them, where they are headed and if they are part of a secret government plan.    Kelsay Books    Mayapple Press